Blessed are the peacemakers

for they shall be called children of God


 Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me~~  One of my favorite prayers is the prayer of St. Francis.   In it there is a reaction to the injustices that I am sure all of us have had to deal with.  Being a “peacemaker” can be very hard.  I have learned in my life that if I have an opinion or a mindset there will also be either an equal viewpoint but mostly an opposing opinion.

I never really liked to be in debate about how I believe.  In my heart, I have always been one to allow others their opinion and to make their point in honest and productive debates.   I thought I was a peacemaker, but in fact I was just someone who did not want to argue and I was the one with the question….. “why can’t we all just get along”   I am still of that mindset.

As I look at this beatitude, where it says “they will be children of God”.   I have found in my life, that children do pick up many of their parents traits, good & Bad.   In my faith my God has nothing but good to give His children.  Thus, as a child of God we are emulating His Godly nature to do good and be good, being a representation of God.

Being a peacemaker is learning, as my photo before my post says, “In your garden of thought  cultivate harmony”   I would have just that picture to conclude my post.    It really is very simple to cultivate harmony.  Harmony is peace with cooperation.   Harmony is blending together the whole of the music.  Sometimes the harmony is a bit off, but with practice and cooperation the orchestra can blend many different instruments and vocal qualities to be “in harmony” and in turn a beautiful harmonic blend of all the differences.   Celebrating all the different ideas in a cohesive tapestry of love and respect for each and every voice that is to be heard.

Being a peacemaker and one that cultivates harmony can be a challenge. When people hate it is very hard to cultivate love and not counteract with more hate.  When someone injures your spirit it is hard to forgive them the hurt and not hurt them back. It is hard to become stronger in your faith when all the signs around you make you doubt. When someone who experiences despair it is very hard to cultivate hope.  Experience  darkness counteract with light~~ Sadness with joy. It takes practice and diligence.

It is something we have to work at.  When we are being a peacemaker, we also have the additional benefit of  peace in our hearts.  When we cultivate that harmony ~~  our harvest will be full of peace and those around us will see that we are children of God, the ultimate peacemaker.



“Be-atitudes” next…..



 Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Now this one I understand~~  I have had much mourning in my life.  I have known many losses and being comforted during my mourning, but most important I have been able to comfort those who mourn, because I have mourned.

This beatitude is not always about the mourning that comes with death, but also the mourning of  dying to yourself.   We are all born with faults, deficiencies, and  defects.  I know that sounds harsh but we are also born with ability to love and care for one another.   As I said in the prior post, we also need to be humble about the excellent traits we have and to know that all this comes from God.

Another reason to mourn: the more one ascends in meditation of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, it is then when we can  realize the poverty of human nature, we can only be left in sorrow  (or mourning). God comforts us and tells us that love can cast out all that is evil.

    All that deals with the mourning of oneself as we try to navigate this current world we live in.

    I have also learned that in my mourning I have been comforted whether it be by the still small voice of God in my spirit telling me how much love can overcome the sadness and emptiness we feel when we mourn the losses in our lives.  The loss of a relationship, the loss of our self esteem, the loss of hope, the loss of faith, the loss of love, the loss of security, the loss of courage, well you get the picture.  We mourn those losses but  if we reach out we  will be comforted.

      Of course the most obvious loss is death of someone we love.   I have had many losses in that area, my parents, 2 brothers (one at 16 and the other at 36~~ tragic and too young for both)  But the most prolific loss I have had is that of my son, Brian.   He died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when he was 2 months old.  Nothing can  repair the part of my heart that died along with my son.  I have been forever be changed.  I also have been able to reach out to those parents who have lost babies to SIDS and take the loss of my son to others who have mourned and I can comfort them.  Because through my  losses I have a better understanding of HOW to comfort those who mourn and in turn I am comforted.

    All the losses in my life through death have caused me to realize that I am not alone in knowing the gut wrenching mourning that can ensue.   I never compare the mourning of others but I am always able to relate to those who mourn.

    This is what this beatitude means to me.  When loss enters my realm of being, when I have the feeling that no one can comfort me, that is when God will place just the right person or revelation to me to know that  I am blessed to be “mourning” the losses because I will be comforted and I will be able to comfort others.

    Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5