Blessed are the peacemakers

for they shall be called children of God


 Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me~~  One of my favorite prayers is the prayer of St. Francis.   In it there is a reaction to the injustices that I am sure all of us have had to deal with.  Being a “peacemaker” can be very hard.  I have learned in my life that if I have an opinion or a mindset there will also be either an equal viewpoint but mostly an opposing opinion.

I never really liked to be in debate about how I believe.  In my heart, I have always been one to allow others their opinion and to make their point in honest and productive debates.   I thought I was a peacemaker, but in fact I was just someone who did not want to argue and I was the one with the question….. “why can’t we all just get along”   I am still of that mindset.

As I look at this beatitude, where it says “they will be children of God”.   I have found in my life, that children do pick up many of their parents traits, good & Bad.   In my faith my God has nothing but good to give His children.  Thus, as a child of God we are emulating His Godly nature to do good and be good, being a representation of God.

Being a peacemaker is learning, as my photo before my post says, “In your garden of thought  cultivate harmony”   I would have just that picture to conclude my post.    It really is very simple to cultivate harmony.  Harmony is peace with cooperation.   Harmony is blending together the whole of the music.  Sometimes the harmony is a bit off, but with practice and cooperation the orchestra can blend many different instruments and vocal qualities to be “in harmony” and in turn a beautiful harmonic blend of all the differences.   Celebrating all the different ideas in a cohesive tapestry of love and respect for each and every voice that is to be heard.

Being a peacemaker and one that cultivates harmony can be a challenge. When people hate it is very hard to cultivate love and not counteract with more hate.  When someone injures your spirit it is hard to forgive them the hurt and not hurt them back. It is hard to become stronger in your faith when all the signs around you make you doubt. When someone who experiences despair it is very hard to cultivate hope.  Experience  darkness counteract with light~~ Sadness with joy. It takes practice and diligence.

It is something we have to work at.  When we are being a peacemaker, we also have the additional benefit of  peace in our hearts.  When we cultivate that harmony ~~  our harvest will be full of peace and those around us will see that we are children of God, the ultimate peacemaker.



Mercy… Mercy… Mercy~~


Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.


 This beatitude should be a no-brainer…… Give mercy…. receive mercy.   Tit for Tat.   

When grace and mercy intersect…it will bring peace into your relationships.    That is all I have for today.  Have mercy on me~! 


I was up most of the night with a hell of a toothache… have lots of mercy on me.

eek!! Meek??? seriously?




“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”


Many associate the word meek with the word weak. To some the word meek brings to mind a person who is unable to stand firm on a position, is easy to persuade, is generally a weak minded and weak willed individual. Some one  who when in conflict or is asked to stand up for something or to someone,  will cower and retreat in a corner.

As someone who loves words and looks into the derivative of a word,  I have found that in these days the word “meek” has lost most of its meaning within the vernacular of our current language.  The word carries none of the meanings associated with weak. The meek, (hoi praeis) has been translated mild or gentle. The word was originally applied to the outer characteristics of things and people. It was not considered a virtue or an attitude but as the inner attitude of a person. Today’s meaning of meek has been watered down to the point it has lost most, if not all of its true meaning. The Greek historian Xenophon used the word “meek” to describe a horse broken to saddle, so that it is under control. When a horse is “broken to saddle”  it is in harmony with the human who will be in harmony with the horse as they ride together.   In becoming “meek”  the horse can be in harmony or at peace with its owner or rider.   When left “unbroken” the horse is unable to be in harmony.

Like I mentioned before,  I used to think the word “meek” meant kind of spineless and inept to stand up for ones own beliefs.  When in all actuality, the word meek means one who has an attitude toward others that is humble, gentle and kind. A person who is teachable is considered meek. A meek person does not have to be right all of the time and a meek person will live a life of strength under control. Quiet but strong resolve on doing what is just and good not according to themselves but according to God.

The “meek” have accepted God’s estimate of their own life. They  know they are to be humble as God asked them to be, but paradoxically, they know  at the same time that they are in the eyes of God of more importance than angels.  IN that humility or “meekness” they know that apart from God they cannot in all actuality achieve nothing of true importance but with God as they humble themselves to God, that nothing is impossible.  That is their motto and inherited hope for their lives.

So we become “meek” in our lives we stand resolute and strong in our beliefs and we sigh in our hearts and let those who oppose us to state their beliefs and offer up a quiet and gentle rebuttal to express what our faith is to them.  We do not engage in an angry and wrathful insistence on what they should believe but acknowledgement of what they have shared and  we are able walk away not only confident in what we believe, but also with a quiet and gentle prayer for them.

So what is “the earth” to inherit? To me it has always  represented the promise of God.  The very promise of love,joy and peace which surpasses our own human understanding. The ability to be in peace while the storms of life on this earth swirl with arrogance and turmoil ~~ it is the place of God’s promise.

To sum this all up,  Obedience and “submission”  or “meekness” to the will of God are certainly not in vogue these days but this meekness will bring  to fruition the true sense of peace in our spirit as we live not only  in this world but  it will truly serve us well in the next .