that was then… this is then in the next second

When I was a little girl I always thought about the fact that tomorrow never actually comes because when tomorrow comes, it is today.(that makes sense to me)

I have always been on some sort of diet most of my adult life. It always seem to start… tomorrow. I guess the philosophy I stated in my opening line kind of makes me realize no wonder I am always going to go on a diet…… tomorrow never comes, thus the diet really never starts.

Bear with me this is not going to be a post on dieting, I myself find it rather boring to talk about it. I also abhor when I am out to eat with my friends and they say I should not eat this but…. Food is meant to enjoy and savor otherwise why would it taste so good. But I digress~ It was brought up as an analogy of the passing of time.

I have a friend who just recently had her beagle Bella die after being hit by a car. This has hit her very hard. She apologized the other day for being so emotional about a silly dog. Pets are just as much a part of our families as we are to each other. I do not diminish the fact that we grieve our pets. They provide us with unconditional love. She kept saying that she did not want to “feel” this way.

That got me to thinking about how I “feel” about death. I told her I felt that death was just the next chapter of life. Everyone dies….. Why is death so hard to talk about. I remember when my son died, I had people say I am sorry you “lost” your son. Bear with me, I was 23 when my son died, immature, so I would say to these people, I did not “lose” him, he died. I know right where he is, he is in the arms of God with all those people who died before him. Most especially my baby brother who died a few moths prior at the age of 16. This always made people uncomfortable. My delivery was probably more of the cause for that then the actually idea behind the sentiment of my words, I should have just accepted the expression of condolence and be a bit more gracious.

Death to me really is the final frontier. The conclusion of life. The last chapter. I think people are so uncomfortable because it is so unknown. It is not like a trip you take to Hawaii and come back and share amazing stories and pictures. I do imagine heaven similar to Hawaii though. (without the hurricanes or monsoons or whatever they get there)

Death does not bother me, I do cry about it, I cried about Bella the beagle. It is sad when people and pets we love die. We “lose” their actual physical presence, the tactile ability to feel their love and hug them.

I think that the reason death has become a glorious thing is because I do not fear it. I feel my loved ones and pet who have died …… I feel them in my heart, soul and spirit. I keep that attachment and it keeps me. It provides me with sustenance to continue my own life.

I know that I know that I know (that means I really know) in my heart (it is not a learned knowing but a heart knowing) that I will be united with my God and all the people who have loved me and who I have loved that have died.

I will not debate with you on whether or not there is a God or heaven. It IS my reality. It IS my TRUTH. I hold tight to that belief and try to comfort others with that concept.

Besides, if it is not true and there is no God or heaven, if there is just blackness and an abyss of nothingness then no harm no foul.

I have the blessed assurance that all things work together for the good for those who are called according to God’s purpose (oh come on, get your Bible out and look up Roman’s 8:28) đŸ˜‰

That means all things…………..ALL~~!! Good~ purpose. Makes it all so much better.

Now about that diet, talk to me tomorrow. Be blessed.


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