small things

I wish I had words to describe what is on my mind. I am confused with the world. I am amazed at the people in this world who reach out and help each other. I am humbled by ordinary people who do extraordinary things, things with love, caring and respect for each other. I am thinking about how in our small portion of the world, how we can help each other with very simple, intrinsic and innate subtle things such as acknowledging each other with kind words and actions. Acknowledging pain and offering to help ease the pain with those words and actions. A simple prayer of humble gratitude, and a prayer of true and real concern for others needs can go a long way in making this world a better place. My sincere prayer is for people to realize how important we really are to each other. I do not want to take for granted anyone who is placed in my life, for I believe each person I encounter is meant to be encountered. I am humbled and amazed at all the people who grace my life. Thank you. I do see the small things and appreciate it all

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